Amelia Wanderlingh

Amelia Wanderlingh

Amelia Wanderlingh a native New Yorker, currently Artistic Director of the Vancliffen Arts Foundation, founded in 2004 as a non-profit charitable, Federal organization (Canada) with an international mandate, accreditations and recognitions and has as its main focus the promotion of the Arts, mainly the art of Classical Ballet.

Student at the famed Harkness House for the Ballet Arts, NY under the Direction of Patricia Wilde,in her formative years she trained with such renowned teachers as Natasha Kelepovska, Aubrey Hitchens, Patricia Wilde, Alexandra Danilova, Igor Youskevitch, Vera Nemchinova and Leon Fokine, who remained as her coach and mentor until his death in 1973.

She has performed extensively throughout the United States as Soloist and Principal dancer and in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany and England) where she received the title of Prima Ballerina.

For her contribution to the dance, has earned entrance into the Constantiana Academy of Letters, Arts and Sciences based in North America and Europe, for her exceptional merits as an Artist and Master Teacher and for her contribution to the universal culture, honored with membership to the Mozart Academic Society for the Arts an organization by virtue of her academic achievements in the cultural field Master Teacher and her outstanding artistic successes as Prima Ballerina around the world.

In 2004 was dubbed : Dame of the Sovereign Grande Order of Marie de Coeurs.Baroness Von Derneck by Prince Heinrich Fromm of Germany.

In 2008- 2009 appointed Artistic Consultante to the Quinte Ballet School of Canada, one the five Professional Ballet Schools in Canada. Presently, holds diplomatic status as Minister Delegate to New York State of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace.